Hopps & Chapple Take You On A Tour of The Voice

Then we'll test you with our quiz 


Let breakfast presenters, Hopps and Chapple take you on a tour of The Voice studios and media centre. Then take our quiz to see how well you really know your local radio station... all the answers are on this website  

So without further ado, let's open the door and see if the infamous duo are ready to welcome you ...



So  how well do you know The Voice radio station? Let's test you out, remember all the answers on are this site. 

When was The Voice founded and why?

What famous duo present the breakfast show?

How many presenters work at the studios?

What colour is the bathroom walls in the studio?

Who is our resident fundraising specialist?


Let us know how you go and in the meantime, if you want to join The Voice family why not sign up for our monthly newsletter and let's keep in touch. 

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