Are your groms leading you to the ‘break’ of distraction?

Fear ye not, Surf Mum is here to regain your stoke.


Living in North Devon has many benefits for our kids doesn’t it? Fresh air, wide open spaces and a coastline bursting with the best breaks in the land.

We should all be permanently stoked, no?

Yep, as we all know surfing is indeed one of the best sports in the world, but my oh my does it bring on some Mummy pressures.

As many of you surf widows out there will know, living a life according to the fluctuations of the tide and wind direction has its drawbacks. And then there’s the boards, the wetsuits, the pressure of competitions ….. the …. well the list is endless.

So this little column is dedicated to you Surf Mums of North Devon. We salute you. You’re doing a grand job and we’re here to ease your burden.

Each month we’ll be popping up some surf information that we hope will be of interest. We’ll be hoping to speak to good folk from surf clubs up and down our coast, popping along to competitions, taking photos of some of our up and coming stars, and sharing event news. We’ll also be keeping our ear to the ground on any new kit or caboodle that any self respecting grom should never be without.

Now over to you, have you a Surf Mom recommendation you think North Devon should know about? A piece of advice other Surf Moms might find invaluable? Or perhaps an event you think we should know about? Don’t dally, write to Surf Mom now, and she’ll make sure your recommendation is aired.




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