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Steve Jones

I started my career with The Voice in January 2015 and it is my first journey into the world of entertainment! I have always had a love of music, from the 1940’s to present day. The radio was always on in our house growing up and still is.

My working career started by working in retail and sales, with a few years working in pubs and clubs, but always behind the bar. I have held a long time ambition to either become an actor or a radio presenter, something that I took through my school years and into my working career in sales (Always have to act and put on a show for customers) It wasn’t until 2010 that everything changed for me and I had to take stock of everything.

I’d been a keen listener of  Lantern FM from the beginning and loved Hopps and Chapple in the mornings, as a sales rep the radio was always on!! Then they changed to Heart FM and it seemed to lose the personal touch I’d liked, no more North Devon connections. I didn't want to hear about other parts of the area when there is so much going on in our own. So when The Voice started I avidly listened online and then through DAB. It was then I started to pester them, to see if I could get involved. When I say pester, I mean pester, emails, messages, texts, you name it I pestered!! Eventually I was offered to come for an open evening to see what The Voice was all about. I couldn't make it!!!! I thought I’d blown my chance!!!

Two years later I started to pester again and was kindly invited to sit in and watch Hopps at work (I’m sure this was only done to shut me up!!) That was January 2015, I was gripped and from there my love of Radio has grown into an obsession, something I can never ever imagine being without!

I’m always waiting for the bubble to burst - to be involved with The Voice family (yes they really are a big family!!!) is incredible, I have a new lease of life. My three kids and wife support me throughout and secretly love having a Dad and Husband who's on the radio, but never tell me!! They keep me grounded, I'm just Steve Jones from Barnstaple!!!

I am also so happy to be able to help give entertainment back to North Devon, making it local and personal, we live in the best place in the country, so why can't we show that through the airwaves!

I am proud to be part of The Voice and a very proud North Devonian.


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