Why Local Radio Is The Best Medium For Advertisers

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So why is radio still the best medium for advertisers?  Some facts....

Consumer research giant Nielsen recently measured and compared all media platforms. They wondered how Radio compared, not only with its own past performance but against the myriad of modern day platforms such as social media and the like.

Like other recent studies they discovered that Radio - the ‘old lady’ of media channels – still reaches more consumers than every other media channel out there. 

In fact the numbers weren’t even close. More than social media, more than smart phones, more than television, across all demographics and age groups, we still love our radios at home, in cars, online, via apps and podcasts, no matter how we listen, the fact is that we still do listen..

In general Radio’s audience continues to grow, and rather than be outdone by its modern day rivals it’s simply adapted to a changing environment. With podcasts and streaming in the mix, the universe of listeners continues to expand...

In short, radio works because it maximises:- 

Reach - Retention - Value 

Listening is an activity that involves our attention, our imagination and our engagement. The rapid growth of podcasts, a medium rich in storytelling supports this too. This is why Radio is so much more effective at influencing behaviour and why, a good radio commercial can so easily capture an already captured audience.

Social Media maybe widening in its reach but it is limited in influence. Its messages are often bland and ‘samey’. Used in conjunction with television or Radio, social media can perform well, especially when it allows ‘clickable’ content, but on its own it can just be a drain. 

Studies also show that Radio is seen as trusted, especially when broadcast locally by people who live and work in the same region.

More reach, more influence and better retention generally add up to a better investment and a healthier financial return. So if you’re a marketing or brand manager and you’re not considering Radio, you probably should be. Sure, there may very well be younger and sexier choices, but when it comes to a proven track record, nothing beats the ‘old lady’ Radio.

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