Cool Ride from School - T & C's

This is what is included in the Cool Ride from School:

  • Entry is for the Cool Ride from School child, plus 1… so may be a sibling or a school friend, plus a parent or guardian.
  •  Supper will be provided for both children and includes squash.
  •  A hot drink will also be provided for the parent/ guardian.

 Terms and Conditions..

  •  Parent or Guardian MUST meet Thunder at the school.
  •  The parent or guardian may also go in Thunder, if requested.
  •  The drop off is at Funderzone in Barnstaple only, it is the parent/guardians responsibility to then take the child/children home from there.
  •  The entry form online will need to include names and ages of child/children.
  •  The school the child attends