Lisa Mackenzie - Daytime interviews






    Dr. Amir Khan 


    Today Lisa was joined by Dr. Amir Khan to talk about the latest NHS Covid App and why everyone is being urged to download it


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    Dick and Dom


    Today Lisa was joined by Dick and Dom. Apart from being cheeky, they spoke about their new mission to get the nation pranking each other, to keep us all smiling through these strange times. 


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    Kathryn Carmicheal


    Today Lisa was joined by Kathryn Carmichael who has been working in TV and Film and throughout lockdown filmed Iridescent here in North Devon!

    With local actors Ella Crossland, Primrose Bigwood and Lilia Clarke being cast! Find out more about the film and what else is coming up!!

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    Kate Thornton

    Today Lisa was joined by TV presenter Kate Thornton! They talked about Stoptober - a campaign to help stop people smoking!

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    Lindsey Russell 

    Today Lisa was joined by Lindsey Russell a presenter from Blue Peter. Lindsey was telling us all about the green environmental Blue Peter Badge and discussing the impacts our children can have on the environment. 


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    Michael Fraser



    Security consultant and reformed burglar, Michael Fraser joined Lisa on air today. He provides tips to protect people against keyless car theft, the new innovative method of car crime. Plus tips on Home security.


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    Adele Cany


    Lisa was speaking with Adele Cany, Celebrity Stylist ahead of London Fashion Week!!

    Asking about the celebs she’s worked with and how we can get some of the fashion styles at a fraction of the catwalk cost!! 

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    Vicki Butler - Henderson


    Today Lisa was talking LIVE to Vicki Butler-Henderson, former racing driver, presenter of Top Gear and Channel 5’s Car show and mum of two young children is launching a Nationwide campaign urging parents to switch OFF their engines outside schools.

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    Dean Lanick from Southwest Stormchasers

    Today Lisa was joined by Dean Lanick from UK Southwest Storm Chasers, telling us about the local weather and how the group was started!


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    Martin Bridges


    Next week is National Gas Safety Week and today was joined LIVE by Martin Bridges - Director of Worcester BOSCH.

    He was advising on how to ensure your home and businesses are safe


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    Andy Unstead


    Today Lisa spoke to Andy Unstead - Head Coach of Torridgeside Amateur Swimming Club about the impact of pool closures on swimming clubs, and how we can support them moving forward.


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    Tony Wilshire



    Lisa spoke to Tony Wilshire about his charity It's OK not to be OK 

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    Selaine Saxby 



    A further update on the current situation. Local MP Selaine Saxby talks to Lisa about how North Devon is doing


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    Selaine Saxby



    Lisa caught up with Local MP for North Devon, Selaine Saxby. They spoke about all the current issues being faced by North Devon at the moment.


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    The Thatched Inn, Abbotsham


    Lisa spoke with Les from the Thatched Inn about how they are getting fully involved in helping their local community through these difficult times


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    Tracy Shaw 


    Matt spoke to Tracy Shaw who is starring in the production 'The Cat & The Canary' at the Queens Theatre in Barnstaple right now! 

    The Cat & The Canary

    MON 10 - SAT 15 FEB

    Tickets £22.50 - £36

    A new adaptation of the murderous mystery, 

    which inspired three classic movies starring the likes of

    Bob Hope, Honor Blackman and Olivia Hussey. 

    Twenty years after the death of Mr. West, his descendants gather at a remote mansion to learn who will inherit his vast wealth and the hidden family jewels.

    When the heir is revealed, the heritage hunters turn into prey and a chain of macabre events is set in motion; walls crack open, shadows loom and dark secrets are revealed. Will the heirs dare to face the haunting presence toying with them?

    When the cat prowls, the flock takes fright…

    Building on the phenomenal decade-long success of The Agatha Christie Theatre CompanyThe Classic Thriller Theatre Company presents their fifth production, with an adaptation of this famous stage thriller which went on to spawn three hit movie versions.


    Grab your tickets here:


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    Martin Kemp

    This morning Matt interviewed Martin Kemp! Martin will be appearing at The Factory Petroc in April, bringing North Devon 'Back to the 80's' 

    Grab your tickets here:


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    Australian Bushfires

    Lisa spoke to Maxi from Live, Learn, Survive.

    Maxi is well known as a Lifeguard on the TV show Bondi Rescue however he is a full time firefighter currently working alongside his incredible colleagues to put out the fires that are blazing across Australia.

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