Brinkley - 13th January


    Dog of the Week - Brinkley

    Brinkley is a handsome four-year-old Collie who is currently a resident at Dogs Trust’s Ilfracombe Rehoming Centre and is looking for a home.

    His favourite thing to do is play fetch and this is something he would happily do all day long. He is an active and fun boy, who enjoys going for long walks and playing scent games; and can easily sniff out a tennis ball from any hiding place!

    Brinkley is a social chap and will happily enjoy the company of other calm dogs when out for walks. He likes his fuss on his terms and quite likes his own space too. Although he doesn’t hear very well and his vision is impaired in his right eye, this hasn’t slowed him down.

    He can be shy around new people and he prefers to approach strangers if they are sitting down. Brinkley is happy to travel in the car and he is a very clever boy; being housetrained and knowing basic commands.

    Brinkley is looking for a loving, adult only home that has previous experience with his breed. He would love a fun and active home in a quieter environment. He has previously lived with a cat and could potentially live with a cat that is used to living with dogs. Brinkley would be best suited as the only dog in the home and would benefit from a secure garden, where he can play peacefully.

    If you think you can give Brinkley the loving, forever home he deserves, then please give our canine carers a call at our Ilfracombe Rehoming Centre on 01271 812709, we are open every day between 12noon and 4pm except Wednesday when we are open from 4.30pm until 7.30pm.