LinkedIn Workshop

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Do you use social media to help market your business?

Have you dabbled with LinkedIn?

There are 800 million people using LinkedIn but only 1% of them are actually creating any content.  Only 9% are actually engaging on this incredible platform.

That means that if you knew what you were doing on LinkedIn you'd very quickly start to see a reward for the time spent using it.

Think of LinkedIn as a free marketing tool and if you were to commit just 15 minutes a day of targeted work on LinkedIn you'd have done 65 hours of marketing by the end of the year.

Ashley Leeds is a LinkedIn expert and offers his LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop at just 15 minutes per day.

We've got some half-price vouchers for this workshop which will mean that by the end of the week-long course (just 15 minutes a day) you will have 

More profile views

  • Increased SSI score (LinkedIn have an internal tool that gives you a score)
  • Improved Profile
  • More enjoyment from using LinkedIn

You can find out more on our website 

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