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    17/01/2020 - Street Live Performance 

    Wes and Zeal 

    Simon and Millie were joined by Wes and Zeal, two local rap artists that treated us with a very special live performance! 

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    09/01/2020 - Breakfast interview. 

    Fire station Closures.


    Hopps & Chapple were joined in the studio by Helen & Terry who were speaking about the Fire Station Closures and the facts behind the headlines.       

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    06/01/2020 - Midday interview

    Australian Bushfires 


    Lisa spoke to Maxi from Live, Learn, Survive.

    Maxi is well known as a Lifeguard on the TV show Bondi Rescue however he is a full time firefighter currently working alongside his incredible colleagues to put out the fires that are blazing across Australia.

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