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    31/01/2020 - Breakfast Interview

    Ilfracombe Academy


    The Ilfracombe Academy are delighted to return to The Landmark Theatre with our new school show. We Will Rock You.


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    30/01/2020 - Street Live Interview 

    The Region 


    Classic Rock band from North Devon. Made up of 3 12-13 year old kids.

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    youtube: region. uk -


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    28/01/2020 - Simon Dawson's Book Club 

    Liam Smith 


    Liam is a local veteran that has taken to writing poetry in order to maintain positive mental health. His poems are brilliant! 

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    24/01/2020 - Friday Night Soul Show 

    Soul Intention SW 


    Chris and Elaine were joined by big sound soul band Soul Intention SW. Chatting about upcoming gigs and sharing their love for Soul music on the Friday Night Soul Show.   


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    24/01/2020 - Breakfast Interview


    Charmain Lovett and Peter Stagg - Little Shop of Horrors



    Hopps and Chapple were joined by Charmain and Peter to chat about the upcoming performance of the Little Shop of Horrors. Charmain and Peter play Seymour and the voice of Audrey!

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    17/01/2020 - Street Live Performance 

    Wes and Zeal 

    Simon and Millie were joined by Wes and Zeal, two local rap artists that treated us with a very special live performance! 

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    09/01/2020 - Breakfast interview. 

    Fire station Closures.


    Hopps & Chapple were joined in the studio by Helen & Terry who were speaking about the Fire Station Closures and the facts behind the headlines.       

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    06/01/2020 - Midday interview

    Australian Bushfires 


    Lisa spoke to Maxi from Live, Learn, Survive.

    Maxi is well known as a Lifeguard on the TV show Bondi Rescue however he is a full time firefighter currently working alongside his incredible colleagues to put out the fires that are blazing across Australia.

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