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The Voice Lottery gives you a chance to win cash every single week.

Support local good causes  and The Voice

The Voice is a not for profit community radio station funded by our advertisers and you

The station provides local information throughout the day to keep you entertained.

Running a radio station doesn’t come cheap and The Voice Lottery is your way of showing support to help keep our service of local news and information on the air.

The Voice Lottery takes place every Friday with a chance to win a weekly prize of up to £1,000!*

In addition to The Voice (North Devon) CIC, the Voice Lottery will also support local good causes. Clubs, charities and societies are welcome to apply for grants as part of community grant scheme.

* This amount will vary depending on how many people are signed up at any one time
Payments by Direct Debit.

It costs just £1 per play per week to be in the draw!

Once registered you’ll receive your own unique Voice Lottery Number which will remain yours for the duration you’ve signed up. 

You will receive a confirmation email containing your unique lottery number and confirmation of the Direct Debit instruction in the next 7 days after completion of the form.

Tune in to The Voice on Friday mornings at 8.30am to find out if you’re our weekly lottery winner of up to £1,000.

Step 1:  Your Details

Step 2:  Ticket Details

Your payment will be a collected by Direct Debit monthly until you give written notice to cease being entered into the draw.   Please note that due to banking procedures it may take up to 14 days until you are entered into your first draw.     The drop down box below is base on monthly Direct Debit Payments through FastPay.   Please select the monthly amount that relates to your weekly number of tickets from the dropdown.

  • 1 ticket per week will be £4.34 per month
  • 2 tickets per week will be £8.68 per month
  • 3 tickets per week will be £13.02 per month
  • 4 tickets per week will be £17.36 per month
  • 5 tickets per week will be £21.70 per month
If you are new to the lottery, enter 0.

Step 3:  Set up your Direct Debit

Please note, that due to banking procedures, it may take up-to 3 weeks for your Voice Lottery membership to be fully up and running.


In order to set up a Direct Debit Instruction online you must be the account holder of a personal bank or building society account. If you are NOT the only required signatory on your account you can access the Direct Debit PDF form here.

Please tick to confirm you are the account holder and sole person required to authorise debits on the account.

Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Direct Debit guarentee

Please read the The Voice Lottery Terms and Conditions, and Direct Debit guarantee which are available to read here.