The Voice and GDPR

The new European Union GDPR regulation, which came into effect on the 25th May 2018, gives you a number of additional rights over and above the current legislation. The Voice (North Devon) CIC is required to adhere to these new regulations, and this page will outline how we are going to do this and what you can do if you have given us personal data in the past.

As a matter of course, The Voice does not use 'mailing lists' to contact listeners who have previously supplied us with their information, for example when they entered a competition or asked a question via a web form on our website.

There was a brief period in our early days when a limited number of listeners were contacted by email with a newsletter. A newsletter has not been sent for over three years, and the database of information which was used for this has since been deleted.

When We Hold Your Information

The following circumstances outline when we may hold information about you:

- When you send an email to our team, information which you provide within the body of the email will be visible to us. In addition, standard email header attributes such as your email address will also be available to us. You have the right to request that we delete all emails you have sent to us on demand, and you can see how to do this in the 'Right To Be Forgotten' section of the page.

- When you add an event to our events calendar, you are asked to provide your name, email address and telephone number. This is used for anti-spam purposes to ensure you are not a spambot and will only be used for this verification purpose. You will receive a single email to confirm your event has been added to the website, after which we will not contact you again.

- When you fill in details using another web form on our website, this information will be available to authorised data controllers within our organisation. All information which was entered into a private form on prior to 25th May 2018 has since been deleted in full. Any new forms going forward after May 25th will be fully compliant with GDPR, and you can see specific information on the forms themselves. 

All form information will be held for only as long as is necessary for the purpose of the form. For example, a form allowing you to enter a competition will have all personal data deleted once the winner of the competition has been announced and contacted. This will be detailed in the form itself.

- If you have sent The Voice a text message, your mobile number and any additional metadata will be visible within our text message system. The Voice will retain all text messages for a maximum of one year, after which they will be deleted. This includes your mobile number and any metadata we may have added to your number.

- Interactions with The Voice on Facebook and other social media are governed by the privacy policy of these companies.

Right To Be Forgotten 

GDPR gives you the right to be forgotten. It means you can ask us to delete every piece of personal information we hold about you.

To request a deletion, please email and include as much information as possible so that we can deal with your request.

You can also write to us at:

The Voice

Belle Meadow Court

Albert Lane


North Devon

EX32 8RJ