Roll the dice to win £10,000

Come and see us at The North Devon Show and see if you can roll your way to £10,000!!

Terms and Conditions

Contestants must roll all of the dice at the same time

Each dice roll must be video’d

Contestants cannot have a practice go.

Each contestant can only have 10 attempts across the day from 8 am until 6pm on 3rd August 2022.

A representative from The Voice must be present for each attempt.

Dice only count if they are rolled on the table provided

Each contestant must complete the registration form with additional T and Cs on to compete, these forms will be deleted at the end of the day.

Each of the seven dice have a “V” printed on from The Voice logo, in order to win these 7 “V”s must be facing up as the prominent image showing.  Any dice not lying flat on the table is a failed attempt.

Entry is free.

The Voice (North Devon) CIC is insured for 1000 attempt on the 3rd August 2022.

There can only be one winner on the day, and that would be the first person to throw 7 “V”s.